Just one more step to earn your bonus!

You have received an invitation from DexterBell. Proceed to the link below to redeem your bonus!

1. Accept the invite

Play and get bonuses!

Accept the invite and start playing to receive the following prizes:


The reward for playing their first battle


The reward for playing their first random battle in a tier VI ship (Using a Premium Ship does not count)
More info about reward

All ships come with a free Port slot and a Commander with three Skills.

USS Texas comes with these additional rewards:
2 Port slot
6,000,000 Credits
160,000 Free XP
50 of every type of Signal Flag

In order to use rewards like Signal Flags and Free XP, you will need to be at Service Record Level 10 and 5 accordingly.

2. Become a veteran and invite your friends

You have proven yourself – now help the beginners

Players who have reached Service Record Level 3 and have participated in a battle within the last 90 days, can create their own referral link with which to invite your friends.

This will give you the opportunity to play together, and also provide your friends with in-game bonuses for a more comfortable start. For some of their achievements you will also receive gifts: signal flags, credits and more.